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The VenueLytics is a Venue Management & Entertainment Platform which provides venues like Casinos, Resorts, Stadiums, Top Golf, Clubs, Bars, Lounges, and Karaoke & Bowling. Using a real-time web and mobile application, the customers are allowed to choose the venue from a party to small gathering with the indispensable items by being in their place. An app which has simplicity in design, with all features that the customers or business owners can think of. Venuelytics app is a business owner’s trump card and the user’s affluence.

Team Size: 3
Duration: 6 months

AngularJs HTML CSS Android JAX-RS

Web Mobile
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Message Quality

Are you looking for an application where you want to validate a set of data? Do you have huge data which lies in different file formats to be validated for compliance such insurance policy data file validations. This application which allows the users to define the templates, validate and manage the business rules using the rules management engines. The validated files can be exported in any format. During legacy modernization or a transformation of system, this application helps in transforming files from one format to another without losing any of the business rules.

Team Size: 3

Duration: 1+ years

Java Spring MVC Angularjs


Product Governance Tool

The platform is for bankers and insurance companies to track the launch and distribution of any financial product they release. The platform enables tracking of new product launches, setting up the data for the government approvals, helps in determining the distribution of the product, identifying the right managers / sales person to market the product, scheduling meetings with the prospective clients and closing on the deals etc. through a single platform.

Team Size: 4

Duration: 6 months

ReactJS Spring Boot Cassandra DB



Affimity How would it be to connect with people who has similar thoughts and are looking out for like minded people. Affimity is a social platform which caters to it. This platform just doesn’t replicate the other social platforms but helps in reinventing the interests in the users by enabling better connections, content and distinguish the breadth and depth of their passions in various areas. A social networking platform to help us follow our passion without worrying about privacy.

Team Size: 5
Duration: 2.5+ years