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Leverage 10decoders UI UX design services to develop your product with a team that creates a solid conceptual design, meets deadlines, and delivers on time. Our design team is a modest design studio within a huge software organization that will assist you in quickly and easily creating an attractive product.

We are specialized in elegant and fluid UI and UX design services that deliver a better user experience through effective collaboration and streamlined projects that strive for better results.

UI UX Design Company for Mobile and Web Applications

We are a UI UX design company that transforms ideas into scalable, feasible, and futuristic design solutions.

1. We deliver data-driven analyses that represent the user's perspective and correlate with business goals.

2. Our UI and UX developers focus on creating designs that users adore, are intuitive, and are scalable.

3. We assist you in transforming any idea into pixel-perfect, scalable, and adaptable digital products for businesses.


Web Design


Mobile Design

Step 1: Discovery Phase

To develop an effective design, the stakeholders must come together and refine the business process

Goals for workshop

  • What are the client’s company goals and mission?
  • How does the business get revenue?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are user expectations?
  • What are the app’s goals and tasks?
  • What are the user's problems that we need to solve?
  • What are the required features of the app?

Deliver outstanding user experiences by utilizing our UI UX design services.

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Process of Our UI and UX Design Services

  • 1. Standard Design Approach / Minimalist approach - Follows the recommended best principles for the native platforms like Human Interface Guidelines (iOS) and Material Design Guidelines (Android)
  • 2. Custom Design Approach / Iterative approach - There is more focus on the innovation and USP of the product. Multiple sketch workouts are done and the client chooses the design

Native Design


Custom-Made Design


Step 2: Research & Specification

After multiple working sessions, our team starts with refined research and specification documentation to capture the customer needs


Business Analysts start working on the process flow and SRS/Confluence setup for the requirements agreed in the project scope

Behavior & Interactions

Our BAs capture the system behavior and interaction with users specifically based on roles, functional and non-functional requirements


Our team also offers a picture of tools, software, and other competitors in the market to understand how the client is well positioned in his current app

IMPORTANT! The customer must sign off on the specifications before our team proceed to the next phase

Step 3: Wireframe and Prototyping

Our UI UX design services team has now started creating the prototypes. The objective of the prototypes is to give an exact picture of how the screen navigation will happen.


Sketch is a graphic editor for macOS. It allows the creation of great UI UX designs for web and mobile apps (both iOS and Android). We use Sketch to develop wireframes.


As for InVision, we use this tool for prototyping. Also, InVision allows sharing the project with a customer and getting feedback


Step 4: Design Handover to Dev Teams

This stage consists of three parts

Creating A Style Guide

In the case of a big project that requires several UI UX developers, we make a style guide. This document consists of all app elements, so it’s easy to adhere to the chosen style. Also, the style guide makes the work of software developers easier as they don’t have to ask designers about details.

  • RGB
  • CMYC
  • HSV
  • HSL
  • #29C4B3
  • 41, 196, 179
  • 79%, 0%, 9%, 23%
  • 173°, 79%, 77%
  • 173°, 65%, 46%
  • RGB
  • CMYC
  • HSV
  • HSL
  • #15776D
  • 21, 119, 109
  • 82%, 0%, 8%, 53%
  • 174°, 82%, 47%
  • 174°, 69%, 28%
  • RGB
  • CMYC
  • HSV
  • HSL
  • #29C4B3
  • 44, 44, 44
  • 0, 0, 0, 83
  • 0°, 0, 17.3
  • 0°, 0, 17.3

Designing Screens

Our specialists prepare all the screens and their possible conditions. After that, designers can create a clickable prototype

IMPORTANT! The customers should approve the design before moving to the next part

Handing Over The Design To Developers

After creating the design, UI and UX design services team pass it over to the developers. We use Zeplin as a primary tool for handing over. Software engineers can start the development process. They develop app functionality, both front-end, and back-end.

We are open to recommendations and feedback on our process. Let’s meet and collaborate to discuss your project needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the common challenges or questions in the mind of our customers

User experience (UX) design is an umbrella term representing the entire process of creating products and services that provide intuitive and delightful experiences to their users. The objective of user experience designing is not just creating products that are usable but also engaging, efficient, and fun to use

For any business that delivers its service or product through an app or website, UX design is as critical as sales, branding, or marketing. Because good UX design directly improves the bottom line

When it comes to the UX design process, there is no universal standard as such. Different companies, agencies, designers, and product managers follow different approaches, techniques, and tools

Our mobile app design services include user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) designing. We create the overall style of the app, including logo, colors, fonts, and other graphic elements. First, we make wireframes, then develop 2-3 visual concepts, design the app screen by screen, and create a clickable prototype

There is a multitude of tools designers use in various stages of UX design. Our team typically use the following:

User Research - Hotjar, Usabilla

Design & Prototype - Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Invision

Asset Creation - Adobe XD, Zeplin

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