AWS Serverless Services

Utilizing AWS Serverless Services to build serverless solutions and migrate applications to the cloud. Several enterprises start their journey to modern cloud applications with AWS Serverless Services. While these AWS Serverless Services offer business outcomes and versatile on-demand usage and pricing, they also introduce observability challenges.

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Take the Value of AWS Serverless Computing Services

One of the best ways to improve scalability and accelerate innovation on the cloud is to leverage AWS serverless computing services. Going serverless allows you to offload administrative burdens and infrastructure management to a cloud provider, enabling your team to concentrate on more urgent needs.

10decoders is here to assist organizations in effectively exploiting AWS serverless capabilities and services. With 10decoders, organizations can transform server-dependent operations into high-performance serverless architecture.

Meet the Benefits of AWS Serverless Services

AWS serverless services have adaptive scaling, built-in high availability, and a pay-per-use billing model to improve agility and reduce costs. These technologies also eliminate infrastructure management tasks such as capacity provisioning and patching.


Adaptive Scalability

10decoders enables you to create apps that can scale capacity automatically and smartly by leveraging serverless architecture. This ensures peak performance and high-quality infrastructure services at a low cost.


Cost Reduction

One of the most significant advantages of heading serverless is the cost savings. You just pay for the actual runtime of functionality. You aren't charged if the code isn't executed.


Quicker Go-To-Market

10decoders enables you to build a product and launch it in days, and AWS serverless services offer you everything you need for quick and secure deployment.


No Server Management

Leveraging fully managed services enables developers to concentrate on core business logic rather than administrative tasks. You simply execute the code on a serverless platform, and it runs in high availability.


Continuous Delivery

Serverless provides innovative methods for developing and deploying in a cloud-native environment. Experts at 10decoders can assist you in deciding which techniques are best for you while also lowering your risks.

Serverless Services in AWS

Serverless services in AWS are the cloud's native architecture, enabling you to delegate more operational responsibilities to Amazon web services, enhancing innovation and agility. Serverless computing allows you to develop and run apps and services without being concerned about servers.


"Compute" refers to concepts and objects related to software computation. It is essential for a program to have the sufficient processing power, memory, networking, and storage in order to function efficiently.

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Application Integration

Application integration is the integration and streamlining of data and workflows between two different software applications, often a new cloud application and an older on-premises application.

Jenkins Travis Gitlab
Github Actions Github Actions Github Actions

Data Store

A data store is a repository for storing, managing and distributing enterprise-level records. This is a broad term that encompasses all types of data generated, stored, and used by an organization.

Ngnix Apache proxy Apache

AWS Serverless Service Use Cases

While utilizing Amazon serverless services allows you to take on almost any IT task without increasing in-house complexity, it's worth looking at four common use cases to determine how these services work together.

Web Application

Build Web Applications

Organizations usually use Amazon serverless solutions to support critical app functions. Enterprises can create purpose-built, event-driven software back-ends that empower front-end functions by leveraging Lambda and the API Gateway for business logic and DynamoDB for streamlined data storage.

Data Processing

Data Processing

Enterprises can build and deploy general-purpose, event-driven parallel processing architectures by combining Lambda, S3, SQS, SNS, and DynamoDB. Real-time file processing, analysis, and output are provided by these architectures.

Batch Processing

Batch Processing

Better batch processing is made possible by tools such as Lambda and SNS. Batching allows you to quickly download, upload, and process files while also sending notifications to IT teams.

Event Ingestion

Event Ingestion

Enterprises can build serverless document repositories that provide fast indexing and simplified search by combining Lambda and SQS with AWS machine learning services such as Amazon Rekognition and Comprehend.

Why Choose 10decoders For AWS Serverless Services?

Our cloud developers are experts in AWS Serverless services, and we have developed highly scalable and secure products for our clients that do not necessitate investments in technological infrastructure. As a result, our clients have been able to focus on the development of their apps without having to devote time or money to hosting these solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the common challenges or questions in the mind of our customers

Serverless computing enables you to create and run services and apps without having to worry about servers. With serverless computing, the app still runs on servers, but AWS manages them all.

Serverless computing allows developers to create apps more quickly by removing the necessity for them to manage infrastructure. With serverless apps, the cloud service provider automatically provisioned, scaled, and managed the infrastructure required to execute the code.

Serverless apps that are well-designed are usually a collection of managed services linked together by custom business logic. Amazon S3 and AWS Lambda are one of the most potent combinations for enterprise app development.

Serverless architectures are perfectly suited for event-driven and stream-processing workloads, most particularly the open-source Apache Kafka event streaming platform.

Keep in mind that conventional servers have fixed resources that users must allocate for use. Serverless computing, on the other side, does not require fixed resources and can run multiple apps from a single server. Developers no longer need to think about servers for practical reasons.

S3 is the most commonly used event source in Serverless functions in the Serverless Framework. A Serverless function, for example, can be triggered when an object in an S3 bucket is developed or modified, with rules available to filter for the specific requests to which the functions should be called.

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