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Custom Software Development Company

A unique custom software development services company in India. we have a proven track record of delivering highly scalable solutions for companies in the North American market - US & Canada, across industries. Our custom software development company is backed by our extensive experience in software consulting and custom software architecture. Our high client retention rate and client satisfaction are directly attributed to our focus on your business, vision, and goals.

Our Custom Software Development Company in Chennai offers services ranging from software application development to business transformation. Our strategy is to approach problems with clarity and offer solutions that help you grow bigger, and faster and differentiate you from your competitors. Our software consulting services are led by industry experts with decades of experience who are eager to listen to your challenges and provide the best-fit solutions.

Top Software Consulting Services

Software consulting services assist in the planning and implementation of software enhancements, as well as the staffing of software development projects with skilled resources.

Custom Software Technology Stack

Our custom software development teams use modern technologies and scalable architecture to deliver reliable solutions.

Custom Software Development Stack

10decoders is an experienced custom software development services company in India, adhering to the GOLD standard when choosing our framework. Our principles of work are bound to deliver high-quality solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Cloud Engineering & DevOps Services

10decoders is a DevOps consulting company in Chennai having a highly experienced team of cloud engineers in AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure platforms. 10decoders helps customers to migrate workloads into platform-agnostic cloud-native architecture-based solutions

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Front End

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Success Stories

10decoders has grown over the years only due to the support and motivation from our great clients

Why Choose 10decoders?


Honest communication & candid feedback with our Clients and Employees are the backbones of our growth and success


Our clients love our team for the dynamic and extensible solutions we build to effectively accommodate changing requirements


Our custom software development company is a group of certified, highly skilled, and passionate engineers with at least 5+ years of industry experience.


High quality is our key to hold long-term clients. Our culture focuses on enforcing quality at each stage of delivery

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Understand the common challenges or questions in the mind of our customers

    Custom software development is the process of designing, developing, and producing software applications for specific users, business processes, and market requirements. 10decoders is the best custom software development company in Chennai, helping Enterprises and Startups to build their vision.

    Outsourcing the software development provides room for the businesses to focus and refine the requirements. Cost involved in talent acquisition, talent retention and engagement, training and development etc is Zero and a productive team is available to start on day one.

    Cost involved in hiring a dedicated offshore developer is determined by the experience, tech stack and maturity of communication offered by our engineer. Individual contributors, team leads and architects have different rates based on the above criteria. Pls connect with us and we will assemble the dream team for development of the custom software

    10decoders offers an overlap of minimum 4 hrs with the client timezone. Our developers are available 100% to dedicatedly work on your business goals.

    We believe in relationship building and highly encourage our clients to visit our office. Our dedicated team of developers is available between Monday to Friday. Adding a name to the face is the best way to build the connection with the developer and this helps in growing together in the long term.

    10decoders is a cloud engineering company with a leadership team consisting of people with more than a decade of experience in financial services, healthcare and banking domain. We know what it takes to build a world class product. Our mission is to enable the client to grow 10X by adopting industry standard practices and frameworks. Hiring developers, who are mentored from this strong background, enables you to have the best team for the job.

    Yes. We insist on directly working with developers using Slack or Microsoft teams. We ensure 100% compliance to client policies like timesheet, status reporting, sprint ceremonies etc.