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Our expert DevOps engineers can offer DevOps services starting from Deployment, Automation, Migration to Docker, Cloud native architecture and so on. Hire DevOps Engineers from 10Decoders, one of the best DevOps Services Company in Chennai to avail various benefits

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Highly Reliable and Secure
  • Increase in Efficiency of Development
  • Faster Releases
  • Reduced Turnaround time
  • No Hiring or Training cost

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Our DevOps Proficiency

The DevOps team at 10Decoders are highly proficient in transforming complex requirements into Innovative solutions. DevOps Engineers at 10Decoders are expertise in the following

  • amazon-services
  • azure
  • google-cloud

Our DevOps Engineers are expertise in Cloud computing Services. The Cloud computing services at 10Decoders includes analytics, storage, networking & content delivery, database and compute managed services. Avail our cloud services and make everything possible for building, testing and deploying the applications.

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  • aws-code
  • azure-devops
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Stay ahead of the code changes by managing source code efficiently. At 10Decoders various source control tools like Github, Gitlab, AWS CodeCommit, Azure DevOps and BitBucket are used to maintain version control and avoid conflicts while working in a multiuser environment.

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  • prometheus
  • grafana
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  • narcos

Our DevOps Engineers are experts in monitoring and analytics and are highly skilled in monitoring tools like ELK, EFK, Datadog, Prometheus, Grafana, AWS CloudWatch, Nagios for Application and server monitoring.

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Our DevOps team helps companies to use Infrastructure as Code by coding Client’s infrastructure for automating deployments. Our experts are highly skilled in Infrastructure automation tools like Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, Github Actions, Helm that enables Client’s system and components to work together

  • amazon-services
  • azure
  • google

Traditional way of managing the environment is very difficult and expensive. Our experts can use tools like Docker and Kubernetes and help to move to containerization over AWS, Azure or Google cloud.

Benefits of Hiring DevOps Engineers from 10Decoders

Enjoy multiple benefits by engaging our highly skilled team for your projects.

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Latest Tools

Our Developers are highly skilled in Latest tools for Virtualization, Monitoring, Automation, Build and Configuration. These tools are used at 10Decoders and our experts can do faster and obstacle free deployment.

Full Time Developers

We have a talent base of full time DevOps Developers who can stick to the schedule and deliver defect free products. Their level of expertise is far better than competent teams in the market. They have good knowledge of both development and Operations. Also our team work with testers to ensure that development follows established procedures and works as intended.

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Case Study

Zero Training costs

Our DevOps developers can directly start working on your project from the first day. They can be part of your team and work without any additional training requirements. They can work on any of your complex requirement and come up with solutions for increasing the efficiency of business performance

Diverse Benefits

Our pool of DevOps Developers are experts in latest technology and can deliver state of the art solutions for your requirements. They can develop scripts to automate visualization. After you hire DevOps engineers from us, they will be easily integrated into your ongoing work without any interruption

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Why to hire from 10Decoders?

As a leading DevOps consulting company in Chennai, our pool of DevOps Engineers can develop customized solutions for Customer’s needs. Also they can provide advanced technical support for production issues.

Certified Developers

Our certified DevOps developers can give awesome services for all your needs. They stay with us and with our Clients for many years. They can be full time dedicated to your projects and thereby reducing the application time to market.

Guaranteed Transparency

At 10Decoders, your complete project status is communicated regularly via Skype, email or call to keep you updated. At any time, you can be aware of who is working on what and the status of each task by referring to the up to date Project Management tools.

Hassle Free Project Management

Our highly experienced Project Managers can keep you relieved of project issues by managing them efficiently. Our project Managers also keep the Project Management tool up to date which will be helpful for your quick reference.

Strong Experience

Our team of DevOps Developers have average experience of more than 3 years. They have unparalleled experience which will be of great strength for your project. They can fulfil your requirements from scratch

Transparent Working

Honest communication is the backbone of our success. We communicate all details to our client. There is always open communication regarding the status of the project. This helps us to have a good relationship with our clients

Free No Obligation Quote

Before starting, talk to us and get a rough idea of your cost. We do not have hidden costs. In this way you will be able to plan well ahead for your financial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the common challenges or questions in the mind of our customers

The role of a DevOps Engineer is to introduce processes, methodologies and tools needed for complete software development life cycle. He also coordinates with system operators and software developers to manage the development process.

DevOps engineers will do multiple tasks like deploying and updating fixes, providing technical support, investigating technical issues, software development and many more tasks. By creating and implementing system software to analysis data and to improve existing ones, DevOps engineers increase productivity in the workplace.

DevOps developers can be hired on a part time basis or full time basis. Our hiring model is flexible depending on your needs. Please get in touch with us for further details.

Once a developer is on boarded we ensure that he has a hassle free environment to work. We collect feedback from the developer and client regularly and take quick action for the same.

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    The 10decoders team is always willing to go the extra mile for our team and our clients. They frequently assist us with last-minute requests and questions, helping us give our clients the best...

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    10decoders is one of our key offshore development partners. Management worked closely with us to provide a team with the skill set we were looking for. The team hit the ground running and went above and beyond from the beginning to ensure that client...

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