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Hire Java Developers with 5+ years of professional IT experience. Planning to hire a Java software developer? Engage Our Spring Boot experts to build Microservices on AWS, Azure & Google Cloud platforms. Reach out to us to know more or Meet our experts now

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Hire Dedicated Java Developers in India

Hire Dedicated Java developers in India to help you in building innovative applications that are secure, fast, interactive, and feature-rich. We offer a pool of Full Stack Java Developers to work as your extended team.

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Spring Framework Developers

Hire our Spring Framework Developers with experience in Spring REST, Spring Data, Spring MVC, etc. Our team of developers also have in-depth knowledge in JSP, Servlets, helper classes and Spring DAO. Our dedicated Spring developers have solid experience in using Spring web flow for building many transactional applications


Spring Boot Developers

Our Spring Boot Developers have good experience in building REST services with modern Spring framework. They also have very good experience in integrating with Relational and NoSQL databases like Mongo, MySQL and PostGreSQL. Hire Spring boot developers and engage them for building standalone or production-grade applications.


Microservices Development

Hire Spring Boot Developers with good experience in building microservices on Azure and AWS. Our spring developers are experts in building microservices. They also have good experience in working on Netflix OSS stack for delivering microservices. They also have experience to build streaming micro services. Hire Our Java Experts and achieve your goals.


Spring Batch Developers

Our Spring batch developers can be hired for working on traditional jobs to process huge quantity of records including transaction management, job restart, job processing statistics, skip and logging/tracing. Our experts also have solid experience in building batch jobs of high volume


Spring with Docker

Hire Spring Boot Developers and Spring Framework Developers who can work on docker containers. Our team of developers are expert in dockerizing Spring boot apps and in executing them in docker swarm and kubernetes. If you are looking for Spring developers to design multi-cloud docker containers then hire our talented Spring developers.


Migration to Spring Framework

Hire our Spring developers to migrate legacy java applications into Spring boot. Our developers can also help to migrate Spring stack applications which are using spring versions less than 2.x Look no further to hire our Spring engineers for migrating your legacy applications into modern spring application on microservices architecture

Hire Java Programmers for best services

Hire Java Programmers with in-depth knowledge of the robust Java frameworks and related technologies. This knowledge can help to build highly scalable and secured web solutions in a seamless manner and help Client face their business challenges. As a top Java development company with expert developers, we provide best-in-class Java software development services that will help clients to improve their application functionalities.

5+ Years of average experience

Our experienced Java software developers are experts in Java development framework.

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Our hiring process is highly flexible as the programmer can be hired online as per your requirement for monthly, hourly, partly or fixed time

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We always respect Privacy and so your idea is safe in our hands. We follow strict NDAs with respect to transparency

Case Studies

Microservices migration

Microservices migration using Spring boot + Netflix OSS

A North American fintech company wanted to migrate monolithic applications into microservices architecture. 10decoders helped break the application into microservices using industry standard microservice design patterns. A CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Separation) based transactional system was built by decomposing functional requirements into smaller microservices. Workloads were deployed using Netflix OSS infrastructure on k8s platform

Data engineering with AWS Services - S3, Data Pipelines and NoSQL

Client wanted to build a cloud platform for data engineering and integration services with capabilities to handle big data volumes. 10decoders did research of existing data models and relationships in the SQL & No-SQL databases and built a base framework for data integration and governance. 10decoders delivered a loosely coupled REST interface based solution to extract, transform and load data from csv, json files and flat data stores into SQL and No-SQL architecture

Microservices migration
Microservices migration

Risk mitigation - Legacy apps migration into JDK 8 with Spring boot

A healthcare company in the UK wanted to migrate legacy apps from Java 1.x into JDK 8 standards. Objective of the risk mitigation was to solve potential security vulnerabilities and removal of deprecated component libraries. Moving to functional interfaces, using Predicate, Supplier, Consumer and custom Function interfaces helped in future maintenance of applications. Also, this enabled the client to adopt the application into a TDD(test driven development) environment for future compliance needs resulting in direct business benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the common challenges or questions in the mind of our customers

If you are looking for the best Java development company and get quality delivery cost-effectively, then it is better to go for a mid-scale Indian Java development company. The company should have:
  1. At least 5-10 years of industry experience
  2. Have build at least 100+ apps
  3. A team of capable developers
  4. Previous client testimonials
You can choose 10Decoders, an Indian Java development company, with more than 6 years of experience and deliver projects to clients globally

The services offered in our Java Web Application Development Solutions Stack are:
  1. Java Web Development
  2. Enterprise Java Development
  3. Custom Java Development
  4. Java / J2EE Application Development
  5. Java Migration and Upgradation
  6. Java Maintenance and Support

Developing a Java application will depend on its complexity. As a Java web application development company, we first listen to our customers as it is essential to have a good understanding of Client requirements. We work towards building an innovative solution which will fulfill our customer’s expectations

Social Networking Platform, EHR Application, Shopify, and E-commerce web solutions are some of our top-notch projects.

There is a multitude of benefits when you outsource Java Web Application Development Solutions from us:
  1. Client-Centric Approach
  2. Cost-Effective
  3. Proven Expertise
  4. Hybrid IT Environment
  5. Dedicated Team
  6. Reliable Support

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