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Hire ReactJS Developers with strong experience building high quality web apps. Our developers follow industry-standard design patterns to write high-quality code that is maintainable and less prone to bugs. Looking to hire React developers with Redux, Thunk, Saga? Then look no further, hire your dedicated development team of reactjs engineers at 10Decoders

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Our team offers best React web development Services. Engage our experts to create a roadmap for your React Web Development while achieving scalable, reusable and testable components

Logic and UI can be separated easily using Hooks. Hooks help to do this separation beautifully with more intuitive compositions of UI and logic and less boilerplate. This separation is very important when the components are shared in platforms like git. This makes it easier to understand the components and maintain and reuse them. Shorter code is easier to read, test, and maintain

Progressive Web Apps are web-related solutions that combine features of a website and a Native App. In other words, these are websites that mimic a Native App behavior, thus creating an app-like experience. It can work offline and It has rock-solid security since it is based on HTTPS, which allows browser-to-server encryption and is majorly SEO friendly

Next JS is now identified as one among the fastest-growing React frameworks in the world with great liberty of building an application inclusive of both server-rendered and statically generated pages. Since page applications developed with Next JS normally have faster load speeds, SEO receives a boost. And the consequent rank is much higher than websites that have long loading times. It also Converts a greater number of your website and online traffic into sales leads. This helps you drive a higher volume of organic traffic to your website and ensures that your page ranks higher than those of your competitors

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React js App Development

Our react js app development services can help start-ups and enterprises to market their services and products across the World by creating state-of the art solutions

Server-Side API

Hire our react.js development experts to build secure and adaptable server-side APIs which can help you to have all amazing features in your web and mobile applications

Dedicated Development Teams

Hire our dedicated react js developers who can help you to build scalable, secure, and high quality web or mobile applications. Our team of experts will deliver on-time by working efficiently

reactjs support
React Js Maintenance & Support

Ours is one of the top React js development company in India. We can help you by offering support and maintenance services to our clients’ right from development to deployment of the application

reactjs web
React Js Web Development

10Decoders offers customized react js development services to enterprises and start-ups, based on their requirements

ui/ux design
Dynamic UI/UX Design

Our team of experts can offer you creative and user-friendly UI/UX designs & web-layouts

Hire ReactJS Developers For Quality Services

As a leading react js development company, 10Decoders is dedicated to engineering best-in-class web solutions that offer value to your business. Our react js app development team is a certified expert in handling complex projects and assured offering innovative secure and high-quality solutions

5+ Years of average experience

Our experienced ReactJS software engineers are expert with ReactJS development framework

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We always respect Privacy and so your idea is safe in our hands. We follow strict NDAs with respect to transparency

Case Studies

Microservices migration

Build React application with Vercel - Edge rendered react app

One of the American startup companies wanted to Build a React application with vercel. 10decoders developed a website that is deployed instantly, and requires no supervision and configuration using vercel. Rather than continually focusing on backend infrastructure to optimize application performance, the Vercel platform employs caching, routing and a React framework to optimize application performance. This enabled the client to adopt a 10x performance improvement that, among other things, enables applications that employ the React framework for user interfaces to automatically pre-render, code-split and hot-reload, with no configuration required

eCommerce application using React SSR + next.js

Client wanted to build an e-commerce platform with various features to handle numerous products with Server side rendering to support SEO standards. Instead of using Redux, Next.js uses data fetching APIs that enable pre-rendering. These are great because your site becomes a set of static pieces that can be easily read by web crawlers, thus improving your site’s SEO.This is a huge win for 10decoders since JS bundles have typically been difficult for crawlers to understand. Additionally, you can be more crafty with some of these APIs and generated assets at build time like RSS feeds. With Next.js, you can use Static Generation for maximum performance without sacrificing the benefits of Server-side Rendering

Microservices migration
Microservices migration

JSF (Java Server Faces) - Component Architecture to SPA (Single Page Architecture) using React

An enterprise US client wanted to migrate from older web standards to Single Page Architecture.Traditional legacy system involved using a lot of reusable components using JSF Primefaces on a well defined style guide and convention. This resulted in a major challenge for moving away to newer frameworks. 10decoders built a base react framework offering components comparable to JSF using redux. This streamlined the delivery and migration process into SPA. Around 75 applications using similar frameworks were later converted into react based applications

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Yes, absolutely. You can! We have a team of experienced and skilled react js developers who can assist you migrate your existing app into advanced React technology to build stunning apps.

Looking for an answer about how long it takes to build a ReactJs app? Well, it depends on many factors, such as the complexity of the design, development platform, features, and functionalities, experience level of the developer, and testing

React JS has now become very popular for front-end development. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise; you can use ReactJs for front-end development. According to a report by Stack Overflow, ReactJs is one of the most loved front-end frameworks by developers across the world

If there is any question that is not listed here please let us know!

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