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Hire Vaadin Developers to build modern business web apps for your enterprise. Our Vaadin developers simplify the development process with an integrated web app development platform for Java backends. Vaadin comes with all the components, frameworks, and tools you need to build a reliable, secure, app with great UX. Hire our Vaadin Flow developer to help build seamless web apps without writing code in HTML or JavaScript.

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What exactly is the vaadin framework?

Vaadin framework is a Java web app development platform. It enables you to create dependable web apps with excellent UX in less time than before. There are many moving parts when developing an enterprise web app. Vaadin streamlines the process by providing an integrated web app development platform for Java backends. Vaadin includes all of the components, frameworks, and tools needed to create a dependable, secure, and user-friendly app.

Hire Vaadin developers to assist you in expanding your digital business

Vaadin framework is an AJAX web application development framework that allows developers to create high-quality Java user interfaces on both the server and client sides. It includes a library of ready-to-use user interface components as well as a clean framework for creating your own. The emphasis is on usability, reusability, extensibility, and meeting the needs of large enterprise applications.

Vaadin Web Application Architecture

Vaadin Application Architecture depicts the fundamental architectures of web applications built with Vaadin. The server-side framework and a client-side engine comprise the server-side application architecture. The engine runs as JavaScript code in the browser, rendering the user interface and sending user interactions to the server. An application's UI logic is implemented as a Java Servlet in a Java application server.

Because the client-side engine is executed as Building Enterprise Web Apps with Vaadin JavaScript in the browser, no browser plugins are required to use Vaadin applications. This gives it a competitive advantage over frameworks that rely on Flash, Java Applets, or other plugins. Vaadin relies on Google Web Toolkit support for a wide range of browsers, so the developer does not have to worry about browser support.

The Business Tangible benefits of the Vaadin Framework


Secure Web Application Architecture

It has UI state management on the server. Server-side application code, validations, business logic, secure parameter, request validation, CSRF protection, and SSL support.


Framework for Comprehensive Components

Mobile touch event support is built into a large set of user interface components, controlling instruments, and widgets.


A framework of Extensible Components

Vaadin components work with statically typed Java language and data binding features to assist you in developing applications that can be easily modularized and refactored as needed.


Customizable Appearance and Feel

Vaadin has a huge collection of UI components, such as buttons, tables, trees, and layouts, that allow you to customize the application's user interface.

Why hire a Vaadin framework developer with 10decoders?

We have helped over a hundred startups and tech firms build dedicated development teams using our extensive database of expert developers. We can assist you with everything from recruiting to managing your dedicated team.

Case Study

Building Enterprise Web Apps with Vaadin

A US healthcare client wanted to modernize their legacy enterprise systems built on standard JEE frameworks. The primary objective of the migration is to modernize the frontend framework for duplication of efforts and improving style guide adoption. Dedicated Vaadin developers from 10decoders helped the client by defining the baseline principles for UI and setup reusable components on Vaadin framework. Our developers also recommended, adopted and implemented Vaadin framework to build responsive and reusable User Interface components for desktop and mobile. Hire dedicated vaadin developers from 10decoders to build your enterprise business applications on Spring Boot and Vaadin.

A financial services company

Background: A financial services company wants to develop a wallet implementation service for its customers. The company has a microservices architecture, and each microservice is built using the Spring Boot framework. The company wants to use Vaadin to create a web-based user interface for the wallet implementation service. However, the company is facing several challenges that need to be addressed to ensure the success of the project. Challenges: Designing a user-friendly and responsive user interface that meets the needs of customers Building a highly scalable and secure microservice that can handle a large number of requests Integrating the Vaadin user interface with the Spring Boot microservice using RESTful APIs Deploying the wallet implementation service on the Azure platform in a highly available and fault-tolerant manner Solution: Our team was brought on board to address these challenges and develop the wallet implementation service using Vaadin with the Spring Boot framework on the Azure platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The Vaadin Framework is a Java web application development framework that makes creating and maintaining high-quality web-based user interfaces simple.

Vaadin accelerates and simplifies the development and modernization of Java-based enterprise applications. Vaadin is the open-source developer of the Vaadin Flow framework for full-stack Java applications and the Hilla framework for hybrid TypeScript/Java applications.

10decoders provides high-quality, cost-effective, and highly productive Vaadin developers who are among the top 1% of remote developers worldwide. All 10decoders developers are chosen only after passing a series of rigorous tests in which their abilities are assessed.

Vaadin allows Java developers to create Progressive Web Apps (PWA). It includes a library of adaptable user interface components, a Java web framework, and themes that can be customized. Developers can use the quick start tutorial or the starter templates to learn how to build responsive, mobile-first web applications.

We offer flexible engagement options to meet your needs and budget. There are no unexpected costs or fees. Only when your Vaadin Developers are actively working on your projects are you billed. We have saved our clients millions of dollars by eliminating idle time from their payrolls.

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