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Quality Assurance is a process that ensures that the software product delivered to the Customer meets quality requirements from both business and technology perspectives. To ensure the quality of the product, the product must not only be tested multiple times but also implement standards, procedures, techniques, tools, and processes for verification of the product

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How QA Works?

Requirement Analysis:

During Requirement Analysis the Quality Assurance Analyst analyzes the requirements and goals defined by the Client. They will make sure that the requirements are clear, complete, consistent, testable, and traceable to prevent the issues that might occur in the future


Test plans are prepared to define the Environment, type of OS, type of test (Manual or Automated), etc. Test Cases are prepared to outline the conditions, test data, and test steps to validate the functionality along with the expected result

Maintain And Upgrade:

Our engineering team can work on continuous improvements and upgrades for the platform

Overview of Market share

Software Testing Market size is expected to grow at a CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) of over 6% from 2020 to 2026. The introduction of innovative approaches in software development such as agile testing and agile methodologies is projected to drive the market demand. Agile testing offers multiple benefits like quick removal of defects and reduction in post-deployment issues. The demand for efficient and cost-effective ways to identify software issues is projected to drive the global software market

Evaluating the features of software

Functional Testing

Functional Testing ensures that the features of the app functions according to the business logic and complies with the Client’s Requirements

Regression Testing

Regression Testing is performed to ensure that the new functionalities that are implemented do not affect the old functionalities of the application

Security Testing

Security testing is done to make sure that the data in the application are protected and to verify the principles such as Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication

Smoke Testing

This is a rapid regression technique which is performed to verify that the major functionalities of the software are working fine

White Box Testing

White box testing requires knowledge about code or design. Testing is done based on code branches, paths and statements

API Testing

Application Programming Interfaces are validated in Postman to make sure that valid responses are returned based on functionality and performance. HTTP Status Code and data are checked

Performance Testing

Performance Testing is non-functional testing performed to identify the response time, speed, and stability of the software

Load Testing

Load testing is also a non-functional testing performed to see how the system handles when there are multiple users at the same time

Integration Testing

Integration testing is a type of testing where the multiple modules of the system are integrated and tested to check the compatibility between various modules

How do we execute the Testing services?

Testing can be done using two different methods. They are Manual and Automated Testing

Manual Testing

Manual testing is the hands-on type of testing and is the traditional method of testing. The tester acts as an end-user and tests the software to identify the defects. Testers prepare test plans, test cases or test scenarios prior to testing and use them for effective testing

Automated Testing

Automated testing can be performed using automated testing tools or by writing test scripts. Automated testing helps to perform repetitive testing and also to compare the actual results with the expected results. Automated testing becomes handy for complex projects in which manual testing is difficult to perform. Robotic process automation technologies are also used to handle unit tests and regression tests

Stack of Technologies
We use for Quality Assurance

Automation testing tool

Manual test cases are converted into test scripts with the help of the Automation Testing tool. Some commonly used Automation testing tools are Selenium (for web-based applications) and Appium (for mobile applications)

Defect Tracking Tools

Defect Tracking tools are used to track the defects to closure. Some important Defect Tracking tools used are Jira, Trello and Asana

Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is your work process?

Our team follows an Agile approach to implementing the testing strategies, every phase of development life cycle is paired with a matching testing phase which increases the efficiency of overall process, this Also ensures the team stays LEAN throughout

Why outsource quality assurance (software testing)?

Expertise, Resources, Cost-effectiveness, Unbiased Product quality review are the main reasons to go for outsourced partners for testing. Testing service is equally important as the idea behind the product. An impeccable performance could back up a mediocre product. Poor performance will fail even the best product

What are the quality assurance service plan types?

Although, Our Quality Assurance Services plans are based on the type of requirements. The cost is broken down by Hours, Project Size & Team size

What is software testing as a service?

Testing as a service means you're delegating software testing activities to an outsourcing company. This means third-party contractors are responsible for checking the quality of your software, its usability, finding bugs, and so on

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