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We have extensive experience in providing dynamic and world-class ReactJS development services across a wide range of industry domains. By combining ReactJS with project execution experience, our company provides our esteemed clients with the best in profitability and competence, allowing them to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Accelerate your Digital Platform with ReactJS Development Services

10Decoders is a leading ReactJS development company that provides exceptional services to clients. Our UI components are highly engaging and are built using scalable and simple ReactJS libraries and industry-standard design concepts. React JS is an open-source front-end JavaScript library that assists in the development of UI for web applications based on the needs of the client. The React JS library is the latest technology that is growing in popularity.

  • Low Cost, High Returns Model

    • no overtime or hidden charges
    • Free QA and Free Managers
    • Direct Savings of 30-50% on development cost

    Word Class Business Engagement

    • Transparency in execution and communication
    • Local Interaction and In Person kick off meetings for project onboarding
    • Real time collaboration with developers on slack, teams or any IM
    • Real time collaboration with developers on slack, teams or any IM
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ReactJS Development Services


React js Web Development


React js App Development


Server side Rendering

End-to-End ReactJS Development Services


React JS Web Development

10Decoders is a global ReactJS web development company that offers innovative solutions to our clients based on their business needs. Our team assists customers in developing user-friendly websites that are in line with business requirements. Our emphasis on perfection and the definition of done has always allowed us to exceed our customers' expectations.


React JS App Development

Our ReactJS App development services include the creation of advanced solutions for start-ups and enterprises in order to assist them in marketing their applications globally.


Customized Development

Customizing software based on the Client's needs is the most effective way to ensure that your company outperforms the competition. Our skilled and experienced ReactJS developers can assist in the creation of the best customized ReactJS applications that will always be one step ahead of the competition.


ReactJs Migration Services

We also offer seamless ReactJS migration services, assisting our clients in migrating their applications from outdated technologies to React JS in a secure and organized manner.


Maintenance and Support

Our journey with our Client does not end up with development & deployment. 10Decoders also offers maintenance and continuous support services to the Clients


UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design is essential before web or mobile development. Our highly experienced UI and UX designers can meet Clients needs and create innovative and user friendly designs and web-layouts

Advantages of Using ReactJS Development Services

  • Flexibility

    ReactJs offers very rich Javascript Library which gives flexibility to the developers by helping them to choose what they want

    Easier Debugging

    ReactJs helps in easy debugging of the code and so it is highly preferred by developers. It identifies the exact code and also gives solutions for fixing them.

    Reusable Components

    ReactJs provides reusable components which is handy to the developers in using the same component with same functionality for some other application. This helps to reduce time, effort and bug free performanceConduct workshops with clients and gather requirements by brainstorming with the client

    SEO Friendly

    React JS was built and maintained by Facebook. It helps developers to build SEO friendly websites using SSR ( Server Side Rendering). React can deliver the best developer experience with an obsessive focus on end-user performance using Vercel. React also has tight integrations to deploy in Netlify with Gatsby

Features of React JS Development


Virtual DOM

The Virtual DOM feature of ReactJs helps in flexible and fast application development. Here, the web page is replicated in virtual memory. With every change, the components that are changed are updated in Virtual DOM and the other components are not updated. This aids in faster development of the application


One-way Data binding

Most important feature of ReactJs is unidirectional data flow. The developers cannot change the component directly. They have to use a call back function for making changes in the component. This is referred to as one way data binding which gives much flexibility


Javascript XML (JSX)

This syntax extension to Javascript makes the syntax similar to HTML and the developers use it to create ReactJs components. It helps in easier development and debugging

ReactJS Development Frameworks



Redux is a Javascript Library used by React for building User Interface

React Hooks


Hooks are like Java script functions which allows to use state and few other React features without creation of a class



It is a middleware using which allows to create action creators which returns a function instead of object



It is a middleware library which allows Redux store to interact asynchronously with resources outside



Bootstrap is the most popular CSS framework which can be added to React in multiple ways

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the common challenges or questions in the mind of our customers

Hire ReactJS developers through 10decoders in 3 easy steps
  1. Tell us the skills you need from the react developer. We'll schedule a call and understand your requirements.
  2. Our team will submit the resumes of candidates and schedule the interviews. Talk with developers and understand if they fit your needs culturally and technically.
  3. Start building from day one. No training cost and no overheads. For long term contracts more than one year, we also offer a trial for 2 weeks

Cost of the react website varies depending on the features we are planning to have in the website. A professional react website with ~20-30 pages and proper API integration would have a starting price of 10K USD. The timeline and the complexity of the requirements determine the actual cost.

Our team of BAs put together a clear business process and outlined the deliverables & timelines for building the react website. Normally, it takes 6-8 weeks to build a high quality React JS website where clear APIs / Interface definitions ( Figma + Swagger for ex. ) are available and the number of screens is less than 20. As the complexity increases, more is the timeline and cost.

Yes, our React JS developers have good experience in building Web3 applications using React JS. Being a top React JS development company in chennai, we recently built a marketplace for Unity games using Web3.

React JS is an excellent framework for building ecommerce applications. React can enhance your website's performance and time to market by reusing UI components across web pages. It is possible to create well-designed and customizable navigation tools using React JS.

Yes. Shopify offers a storefront API to build react applications on top of Shopify API

Yes. Using React JS components with Magento APIs is one of the fastest ways to build ecommerce applications. Caution should be exercised while deciding the architecture, integration and deployment of the APIs and react application to ensure scalability.

Yes. Our teams work in real time collaboration with our clients through slack or Microsoft teams. Dedicated ReactJs developers are available to work on the same time as the client or at least provide an overlap of 4-5 hours every day to ensure seamless communication.

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