A Detailed Insight Into Gen AI's Saga in Pharma Transformation


In the dynamic realm of pharmaceuticals, where innovation is the heartbeat of progress, Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) stands as a powerful ally, poised to transform the industry’s landscape. Amidst the vast potential Gen AI brings, the challenge lies in harnessing it effectively to maximize value. In this journey, 10decoders emerges as a guiding force, offering a strategic solution tailored explicitly for pharmaceutical companies. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this approach, designed to unlock the full potential of Gen AI and reshape the future of pharmaceutical innovation.

Gen AI Blueprint- Assessing Value and Prioritizing in Pharma

Unlocking of potential involves a meticulous assessment of the myriad options Gen AI presents. Pharmaceutical enterprises are guided to identify their most significant challenges and opportunities along the value chain, considering Gen AI solutions and assessing those options in terms of value and technical feasibility.

To assess value, 10decoders employ various techniques, including A/B testing, cost modeling, and an evaluation of synergies through new ways of working. By prioritizing straightforward, quick-to-implement use cases, companies can build a robust Gen AI portfolio, setting the stage for a transformative journey. A portfolio of Gen AI solutions, categorized by potential value and technical feasibility, enables leadership teams to identify and prioritize use cases strategically.

Nurturing Data for Gen AI Triumph with Platform Prowess

Recognizing the pivotal role of an effective data infrastructure, involves the establishment of a comprehensive platform. This platform, designed with the principles of responsible AI at its core, encompasses cloud, data, and AI infrastructure. 10decoders underscores the importance of creating unified architectures, leveraging integrated platforms, and adopting cutting-edge technologies to elevate a company’s data maturity and expertise.

In this phase, governance becomes a critical aspect, focusing on data security, privacy, compliance, and responsible AI. Given that only 55% of pharmaceutical companies currently possess the required data maturity and expertise for effective Gen AI capabilities in the near future, there is a critical need to prioritize the development of a suitable platform. The quality and quantity of data used to train AI models significantly influence their performance, making the establishment of a solid platform a cornerstone of Gen AI success.

Gen AI's Strategic Partnership Odyssey for Redefining Success

In a landscape where talent with strong digital and AI skills is in high demand, 10decoders advocates for partnerships that bring both strategic and technical expertise to the table. These partnerships not only jump-start the Gen AI journey but also play a pivotal role in scaling successful use cases, identifying new business models, and creating lasting competitive advantages.

Learning from past struggles with digital transformations, we emphasize the value of such partnerships, highlighting that relying solely on internal expertise or attempting to build new capabilities in-house can lead to significant setbacks. By adopting a holistic approach, companies can identify new avenues for growth and create value-generating ecosystems for all participants.

Final Words

By focusing on potential, platform, and partnership, pharmaceutical firms can systematically capitalize on Gen AI, balancing investment, risk, and value. The transformative power of Gen AI is no longer a distant promise but a tangible reality, and companies that seize the initiative, guided by 10decoders’ strategic approach, will undoubtedly gain a clear edge over the competition.

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