Health and fitness are becoming everyone’s top priorities. In this modern World, many apps are readily available to track fitness and are free of cost. People are looking for different approaches in fitness app. This makes it essential to keep creating multiple fitness app. And so, many companies have started developing fitness app. Fitness app is used for multiple purpose. It may be to notify about health or to improve diet. Here we will see the various types of Fitness App and how to build them

Overview of Market Share

In January 2019 one of the Market Research published a study and presented a forecast. The forecast mentioned that the fitness app market will grow to $14.7 billion by 2026. It is expected to grow up to 23% CAGR during the above mentioned period. The statistics mentions that revenue in Fitness segment has reached $17,963 million in 2020. It also continues to grow rapidly. So the revenue might grow to a rate of 5% CAGR during the period 2019-2023. So fitness application market will continue to grow and is expected to expand with different developments in health and fitness features

How do various Fitness Apps work?

The fitness apps help to keep track of our health. It gives health advice also. There are many type of Fitness apps. The three widely used apps are given below

Diet and Nutrition Apps

Diet and nutrition apps can do the following

  • The target calories for intake can be set depending upon a person’s age, weight, and sex.
  • Weight loss goals can be set
  • Users can log the food they eat and the app helps to track the calories included in the food they have logged in.
  • Users can adjust their intake accordingly with the help of the calories calculated.
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  • It can also track the amount of water intake

Work-out Apps

  • This is a personal trainer who trains you from your mobile
  • Users can set a time limit and perform workouts/yoga using a timer
  • Users get the option to choose the type of workout they would like to perform. For example, whole-body workout, upper body workout, etc
  • The app offers a set of exercises that the user can access and perform by playing the exercise simultaneously in the app
  • The user has the option to skip certain exercises in the list of exercises

Activity Tracking apps

  • The app tracks the distance traveled, number of steps climbed, and calories burnt during exercise
  • The information collected can be depicted in a progress chart to motivate the users
  • Even the app can monitor the heartbeat

What are the best features to have?

Each fitness app has a different function and offers unique features for its users. Some of the important features required for a fitness app to be user-friendly are given below

Sign Up and Log In –  Signup sign in features helps for users privacy as he can login through his own credentials or through his social media account

User Activity Tracking – This feature is much beneficial as the user can keep track of his activity for a specified period. This tracking can then be depicted in chart for motivating the user to perform better

Geolocation – The user can use the map to know the distance he walked or jogged. This will be easy to track and gives a sort of motivation to the user

Notifications and Reminders – Notification and Reminder is an important feature for a fitness app. For example, when his calorie intake is close to the limit for the day, then he will get appropriate notification on his mobile. The user can adjust his intake accordingly which will be of great help to achieve his fitness goal

Scanning Barcode – The scanning barcode of an edible item helps the user to scan and get its nutritional information in the case of the diet and nutrition app

How to Develop a Fitness App?

When the type of fitness app and the type of features needed is decided, the custom software development process starts

The Monetization model is the first step in developing a fitness app. They decide whether the app will be free or paid or app with in-app purchases

Technology Stack – The technology that is to be used for developing the app need to be identified.

Team Hiring – Depending on the technologies identified, hire a development team to match the technology

The Inception Phase – Here we will define the scope of work to be performed, finalize the budget, and plan for the required resources

Technical Documentation and Design. Based on the requirements the design document is prepared with technical details. The design document also has the UI/UX details of the app

Prototype – Prototype is the model of the fitness app to be developed. The developer can use this prototype and easily develop the application

Application Development. Fitness apps compatible with multiple OS are developed by the developers in this phase

Quality Assurance – Testing of the product is done and bugs are identified. Testing is done many times to make sure that the developed application meets the requirements and does not have any bug


While developing a fitness app, extra care must be taken in making it user-friendly, flexible, and in selecting the features to be developed in the app. User-friendliness, flexibility, and features of the app will attract more users to use the app and make it profitable. If you are planning for fitness app development and would like to outsource it, please feel free to contact us

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