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Hire serverless developers to provide you with top-notch technology for developing solid, secure, and reliable solutions.Our serverless software development team understands the client's business and ensures that they get exactly what they need for their business through customized serverless development services at reasonable prices.

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Serverless Software Development Services

For serverless software development services, we use Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda, Amazon's serverless computing platform. It runs the code or software on high-availability compute infrastructure without requiring you to manage or provision servers. As the best serverless development company in India, we ensure that everything is in order and that your code runs and processes in parallel. It scales precisely to the size of the workload. AWS Lambda provides simple code and security patch deployment and extends other AWS services with custom logic.

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Serverless Web Development

Our expert serverless developers create the backend layer in Node.js, Python, or Java and integrate it with frontend frameworks such as AngularJS and ReactJS.

Serverless Data Integration

With custom serverless data integration solutions, we connect to data stored on multiple cloud platforms, including AWS RDS (MySQL) and DynamoDB (NoSQL), for the storage and retrieval of information.

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Custom Serverless Software Development

Our local serverless software development team engages with you to create an application that addresses all aspects of your business and provides solutions to any issues that may arise.

Serverless API Development

Our local Serverless API developers assist you in creating excellent APIs for your software, and we ensure that business requirements are met on time.

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Serverless Hosting Services

We offer managed cloud function deployment to the AWS Lambda serverless or Azure Functions platforms, complete with a 24x7 monitoring system and centralized logging infrastructure.

Serverless Cloud Integration

Our custom serverless plugin developers integrate the software with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to broaden its reach and improve user engagement

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AWS Lambda Development

We create high-quality AWS lambda functions in Node.js, Python, or Java and seamlessly integrate them with other AWS services via the API gateway.

Lambda Software Development

We offer full-cycle development of AWS lambda functions for your business needs, such as planning, design, architecture review, and implementation.

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Serverless Security Testing

We can assist you in assessing the security risks associated with serverless applications in terms of vulnerabilities caused by misconfigurations of the Serverless platform or bugs in the application code.

Serverless IOT Development

Our serverless developers can create high-quality, secure, and scalable integrations with your product by leveraging AWS Lambda and an API gateway for Internet of Things (IoT) devices to connect them to backend services.

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Google Cloud Functions Development

Utilizing Google cloud functions with serverless firebase development integration, our expert Google cloud function developers can create high-quality, secure, scalable, and reliable cloud functions for the product.

Serverless Architecture Integration

By integrating serverless architecture on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform with 10decoders, you can allow the development teams to focus on product development. You can make a quality strategy for integrating serverless network structure and scale up the application architecture with continuous monitoring and reporting with our expert serverless developers

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Serverless API Gateway

We assist in creating user-friendly APIs that act as a communication layer between the front end and the Serverless logic layer without the use of load balancers. We assist in developing a performant and cost-effective API network for your application using our extensive experience with AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway.

Serverless Storage Management

With 10decoders, you can utilize efficient and long-lasting serverless storage infrastructures with a simple interface that scales on-demand and has multi-platform compatibility and support. Our serverless experts assist you in selecting the right storage services after a thorough analysis of how the development teams leverage data and the limitations to its usage, ensuring a serverless ecosystem that perfectly suits your business objectives.

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Design FaaS Applications

With our extensive FaaS application design consulting services, you can simplify code development, testing, and deployment in the cloud while also introducing agility and scalability to your development model. We work with you to create immediate deployable serverless codes that reduce programming runtime by computing complex interactions between API and cloud storage layers.

Serverless Backend as a Service (BaaS)

Our serverless framework software development team creates an easy-to-deploy and maintain serverless backend for your product. We integrate appropriate and cutting-edge technologies to provide you with the best.

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Benefits of Serverless Software Development

Serverless architecture allows you to manage cloud-hosted software and services, server-side logic, and state. We don't have to worry about purchasing, provisioning, and managing backend servers, and it provides greater scalability, flexibility, and faster time to release, all at a lower cost.

Better Scalability

The software automatically scales up or down by adjusting its capacity by switching consumption units rather than individual server units.

Low Operating Costs

Serverless manages infrastructure so that developers can focus on the server-side code that matters, and it uses less computing power and human resources to lower costs.

No Server Management

It isn't necessary to provision or maintain any servers because the vendor manages everything. We take care of all the runtime to install, maintain, or administer services as a Serverless Development Company.

Quick Deployment & Update

There is no obligation to upload code to servers or perform any backend configuration; developers simply need to make a few changes and upload bits of code to quickly update patches and add or launch new products.

Process of Hire Serverless Developers

Our Serverless Software Development Stacks

Understanding how to turn your ideas into reality has never been easier. We are the leading company of serverless software development services for both frontend and backend services; additionally, we leverage advanced technologies such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the common challenges or questions in the mind of our customers

Serverless computing enables you to create and run software and services without having to worry about server management. With serverless computing, your software still runs on servers, but AWS manages them all.

The Amazon web services Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) is an open-source framework for developing serverless apps. It offers shorthand syntax for expressing functions, APIs, databases, and event source mappings.

Serverless architecture is a method of developing and deploying apps and services without the need to manage infrastructure. Your app is still running on servers, but AWS manages them all.

We suggest JavaScript (TypeScript) or Python. We recommend these two languages because the majority of organizations that will be using serverless architecture will be using either of these two languages.

Keep in mind that traditional servers have fixed resources that users must allocate for their use. Serverless computing, on the other side, does not have fixed resources, allowing it to run multiple apps from a single server. Developers no longer need to think about servers in terms of functionality.

Nowadays every major cloud service provider offers a serverless platform encompassing Amazon Web Services (AWS Lambda), Microsoft Azure (Azure Functions), Google Cloud (Google Cloud Functions), and IBM Cloud (IBM Cloud Code Engine).

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