How to Grow Your Startup with MVP Development Services?

If you have any startup idea or vision, we will advise, govern and deliver your idea to market with top-notch MVP development services. Work with us to build a Minimum Viable Product(MVP). Our team will function as your extended team and deliver end-to-end solutions and a go-to-market strategy.

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10Decoders is one of the top MVP development services company in India. Our team of Business Analysts conduct extensive workshops with clients and refine process flows, identify critical business needs and define the priority. Post this, our experts are engaged to deliver the best market fit MVP. Being a top MVP Development company, our services include Requirement Analysis to Production release using agile methodologies to showcase consistent progress and visibility on completion.

Make Your Startup a Brand with MVP Development Services

MVP development services involve the development of a Minimum Viable Product(MVP) with just enough features for your business's initial stage. Depending on your feedback the other features will be added up in the later stages. Our team of business analysts helps achieve and formulate your MVP vision and owns the delivery to engage experts that are well-equipped with skills to develop products without rework. Engage with our MVP development company to help you in your product development without any hurdles.

Top Reasons to Engage 10decoders in MVP Development Services

Engaging with qualified Business Analysts

It will not be easy to find a professional business analyst who has the experience and skills to convert your thought process into a process workflow. Even if you could find one, affording the person on a long term basis may be costly. Our Business Analysts are highly experienced with more than 10+ years of experience working for US and UK clients.

Building on a highly scalable framework for Business & IT Architecture

Our architects help transform your business vision and process flows into highly scalable business architecture and IT architecture. Every team small or big needs the best fit solution that can align for growing market needs. Our team of experts will guide you in this process

Engage Developers with right Experience

Engaging developers who have built similar systems help us to learn from past experience and deliver better solutions. Having a mix of this experience, value and ability to connect with current product has shown remarkable success in the use cases of our clients

0% training cost & 0% bench cost

Our Engineers are trained in the latest technologies and available with suitable experience who can start their work right from Day 1 of your project. This also avoids putting people on your bench involving unwanted cost to manage client needs

Agile Project execution with a Free Product Owner*

We invest in projects with more than 5 developers by committing a Product owner completely free of cost.Our agile execution guarantees there are no gaps and ensures seamless delivery and customer experience

100% Cloud agnostic implementations

We value your money and time. Our Cloud & DevOPS consultants ensure that the solutions built are 100% cloud agnostic. Our DevOPS experts also help in automation of the pipelines for deployment and a streamlined promotion path for verification and rollout of featuresp>

MVP Development Process

The experts available at 10Decoders can develop your MVP in a shorter time frame, the phases of implementing an MVP development process at 10Decoders are given below.

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Understand The Requirements

The first step of MVP development for startups is to understand the requirements. The business Associate has multiple brainstorming sessions with the Client to understand the requirements of the client.

Key Features and Process Workflow

As well as identifying the list of tasks that need to be carried out in order to fulfill the requirement, the key features of MVP development services are also identified. The process workflow is also finished.

Case Study

Case Study

Architecture & Planning

The architects then provide the project architecture and decide on the infrastructure to be used in terms of hardware, software and network resources. Planning includes the planning of the project timeline for completion of the project.

High Level Design

The designers create the High level design of the application during this phase. The client requirement is converted into a high level solution here.

Case Study

Case Study

Sprint Plan

Sprint planning is conducted to kick off a new sprint. In Sprint planning, the items to be worked on and delivered in the sprint are identified and ways of accomplishing the work is also defined.


Our MVP Development Services build the application based on the high-level design and the project architecture provided. The QA team ensures that the client requirements are met and the application is perfect without any issues. Then the application is deployed and tested again before handing over to the client.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the common challenges or questions in the mind of our customers

The main reason for building MVP - Minimum Viable Product is to get quick value of the product with important features and minimal development cost. 10decoders is the best MVP development services company in chennai building highly scalable & highly available systems on cloud.

Our MVP development services include a 2-weeks warranty support. For any additional support for features enhancement, cloud engineering or product support, we offer upto 1 year of paid support

Our main objective is to deliver high quality products to the Client. Please refer to our process above to understand the focus and importance given to our clients. We also give importance to the problems faced by the users. After deeper analysis of user’s feedback we start working on the changes to the prototype.

Yes, we work on a variant of a BOT model. Although we will not be able to pass over our strategic team members, we ensure that the client has a solid team of in-house developers if we engage in transitioning and setting their own team. Also, we engage in BOT models where the transition happens over a period of 2 years and more. For contracts with smaller duration, we do NOT offer a BOT model. Please talk with us to clearly understand how we can help.

There are many challenges that may hinder the development of an MVP. The most important challenges are failure of the product to reach the audience and choosing wrong methodology for project management. Our initial hand holding with the capable business analyst team will ensure that these challenges are mitigated at an earlier stage.

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