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The Client

A North American client aiming to migrate to Cloud to enhance scalability, security, and cost-efficiency.

The Challenge

The client faced multiple challenges necessitating a comprehensive cloud migration strategy. Their operational costs were consistently 30% higher than the industry average due to inefficiencies and a lack of cloud resources. The absence of a robust backup strategy left them vulnerable to significant data loss. Ensuring product security was challenging, requiring strict measures to prevent unauthorized public access and reliance on bastion hosts for controlled access. Additionally, the client struggled with automating database backups and replication, a critical need due to the growing volume of data from customer devices.

The Solution

10decoders, utilizing 8 years of proficiency in cloud transformations, devised an integrated solution featuring their Infratta framework.

Disaster Recovery and Backup:

Established a disaster recovery zone on Azure, ensuring the primary setup could be swiftly recovered during failures.

Resource Optimization with Kubernetes:

Leveraged Kubernetes (EKS) for orchestration and lifecycle management, providing an elastic solution that adjusted resource allocation based on demand, thus optimizing costs by scaling up during peak times and down during off-hours.

Database Management on AWS:

Employed Managed Service Databases from AWS, enabling autoscaling, multi-zone replication, and point-in-time snapshots, which ensured data integrity and availability.

Cloud-Native Implementations:

Transitioned to a 100% cloud-native solution to support cloud-agnostic deployments, ensuring flexibility across different cloud platforms.

The Outcome

Cost Reduction

Achieved a 37% reduction in infrastructure costs within the first quarter post-implementation.

Enhanced Security

Achieved 100% secure deployments through Zero Touch Production, eliminating the need for direct access to production environments.

Operational Efficiency

Realized a 70% decrease in maintenance costs and resource requirements by automating CI/CD pipelines and utilizing chat ops for deployments.

Scalability and Reliability

Provided a highly scalable and reliable system, boasting a data durability rate of 99.9999999%, certified by AWS.

The Technology





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