Productivity tracking app

In this world of remote work, tracking productivity metrics is a key focus item. understand how we build a time tracking and behavior monitoring system to enhance focus and productivity

Social sentiment app for bitcoin fans

A sentiment analysis application tracking trends in bitcoin rate changes and exchange viral news feeds & comments from Twitter

Remote Monitoring by Doctors

Built a remote solution for doctors to observe, connect and checkup elderly patients for a UK based care provider

E-commerce for wholesale dealers

Built a large scale eCommerce platform for a Canadian warehouse group dealing with wholesale and bulk order management

Voice-enabled Banking & Chatbots

Enabled voice-based authentic banking & smart bots for retail customers for a Canadian banking client

How to create a Fitness App?

Engage in fitness challenges with your friends and colleagues using Fitbit. Take fitness to next level

Asthma Heath Control App

An app designed to help asthmatic patients to adhere and follow medications regularly and connect with doctors at ease

Credit card Recommendations Engine

A robust offers engine for a fintech startup in Silicon Valley that helps customer to use a credit card with the best offers

Enterprise governance & Monitoring

Understand how 10decoders delivered a security product for enterprise governance and monitoring of network bandwidth across the organization

Versatile Video-On-Demand Platform

10decoders has built a highly scalable video on demand platform to help our client engage customers on a collaboration platform to exhibit their unique skills