How To Build A Productivity Tracking App

Productivity Tracking App is a free time tracking software that notes and analyzes productivity at work. It is a tool that has been chosen by startups and large enterprises that employ hundreds of people.


Productivity Tracking App is a free time tracking software that notes and analyzes productivity at work. It is a tool that has been chosen by startups and large enterprises that employ hundreds of people. It helps office workers to manage their day, saves time, boosts work efficiency, and motivates them to work at 100% of their potential. It also helps to easily manage your remote teams by increasing productivity, track time & cost, and taking screenshots. It is filled with features that can be of practical use for every person that wants to get more out of their time spent at work

Overview of Market Share

Time tracking software enables managers and employees to manage and track project time and expense, payroll, and other enterprise operations effectively. Furthermore, due to the emergence of cloud-based time tracking software, the prevalence of remote work, and the use of mobile phones for official purposes, it is expected that the time tracking software industry will grow during the forecast period. The Global time tracking software market is expected to register at a CAGR of 20.69%

By the end of 2027, the Time tracking software market size is estimated to be USD 2043.83 billion. The major factors that are driving the market are the improvement in inventory management, asset tracking, and the usage of consumer goods, especially in the North-America

How does Productivity Tracking App work?

Time Tracking

It tracks the time worked by each and everyone on your team and gives you a breakdown by client, project, and task. It helps you to track the time spent working and time wasted and also to identify the inefficiencies


Productivity Tracking app captures Screenshots of employee monitors every 5 minutes (or turned off). It helps you to monitor exactly what your team is doing and how. By this, you can identify time-wasting, distractions, and inefficiencies. Screenshots are only taken when team members indicate that they’re working to eliminate privacy concerns

Time Use Alerts

Employees get a pop-up or notification alerts if they sit idle for too long, or if they are back from sleep mode Sitting idle for too long will be notified as “You are in idle mode for long. Please start the timer to continue”

Best Features to have

Here are the basic key features required for a productivity tracking app to make it more user-friendly and accommodating

Signup and Login

It allows users to have the option of creating their account or if you are running a LARGE ENTERPRISE, it lets you create multiple organizations with multiple users

Users and Projects

You can create users and projects under an Organization and assign the projects to the users created. So it will help you to track their activities on their particular projects. Track in which project they are working on and how much time they spent on each project

Clients Feature

Give your clients access to the Productivity Tracking app at no extra cost. Your clients can view screenshots and reports of tasks worked on. Your clients will be restricted to seeing only data about work that you’ve done for them, rather than all work done in your company

All Devices

It can be used on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones – wherever the work is, we track it

Activity Monitoring

It helps you to track your employees’ activities during their work time at 0 Cost. So you can easily monitor where they are in the project and how they are working

View Screenshots

You can also find how your employees are spending every five minutes of your workday by capturing the screenshots

Technological Stack

React JS

ReactJs is a toolkit for creating user interfaces introduced by Facebook in the year 2011. To merely put across, React is a solution that helps developers to resolve issues faced when building user interfaces. It enables developers to create intricate user interfaces that have components that will change regularly over time without writing tricky JavaScript codes every time


Angular is a TypeScript-based free and open-source web application framework led by the Angular Team at Google and our team create a web application using angular with responsiveness and deliver good products


We create desktop applications using Electron for cross platforms support with UI frameworks like angular and deliver effective user-friendly application

Frequently Asked Questions

Understand the common challenges or questions in the mind of our customers

Every time tracking software has a specific way of using the activity level and screenshots. We strongly suggest using Activity Level to determine the commitment of the remote teams and screenshots to ensure that you don’t pay for any non-work-related activities

Desktop application runs smoothly on MAC OS 10.7 and above, most Linux OS versions, all Windows computers with Windows Vista or later and we even have a version that works in Chromium OS. There is also a web component that works in all the latest browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)

The productivity tracking app can generate Timesheet Reports, Daily Work Summaries, Weekly Work Summaries, Bi-weekly Work Summaries, and Screenshot reports

No, you cannot. When you work, at any moment, you're working on one task, not two. So, the Productivity Tracking App is primarily designed to run only one timer when tracking time. Though you may have multiple workspaces, several projects, or different tasks, two timers cannot be running simultaneously

No, you don't. Installing a browser extension is not required to use a productive time tracking app– you can use the web application, desktop client, or both of them together without the extension

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