Asthma Control App, the best medication reminder app, ensures you can take the stress out of medication schedules. For supporting effective health management, a data driven and secure service is required. Getting digital reminders and missed dose notification is a simpler and smarter way to manage your medication.

Overview of Market share

Today around 300 million people are suffering from asthma. In a period of 8 years it may rise to 400450 million, which is an increase by about 50%. The asthma apps are currently used by less than 1% of the target group. Analysis is being done to know the reason for this low user adoption rate. What are the reasons behind this low user adoption rate and why with the current asthma app solutions, mHealth publishers have managed to just barely scratch the surface on this market?
To answer these questions, let’s look at the Top 10 asthma apps in 2017. The list is exclusive to asthma mobile apps with a core business to serve and empower asthma sufferers. The asthma apps are mainly to help and serve the people suffering from asthma. There are nearly 1,500 mobile apps for asthma patients in Google play store and Apple app store. The preferred mobile platform is iOS accounting for 100% of all top 10 core asthma apps releases from mHealth publishers. 50% of these apps are also published on Android

How does the Asthma control app works?

For many, the concept of an Asthma control app supports you to feel confident with appropriate handling and administering of medication. The asthma control app does this by utilizing digital reminders to notify you when you need to take your medication

And it’s not only about providing reminders, but also keeping those in your network updated. Missed medication alerts can inform family, carers, and doctors when a dosage has been forgotten to ensure the patient isn’t at risk of complications related to mismanaged medication delivery. The Asthma control app, helps to take the right dosage at right time and thereby it helps to have a control over their medication schedule. Something most of us would appreciate with so many other things to remember

The app isn’t just useful for patients, but carers too. It is very essential to make sure that our family member or friend takes their medication at correct schedule. Everyone’s medication requirements differ, which can be tricky to manage, especially if you’re assisting with distributing the medication to multiple family members, perhaps elderly parents or children with health conditions. In such cases the flexibility to create customized reminders for your medication schedule helps and makes life easy. Many of us may take common medications which are taken at the same time daily such as contraceptive pills, other medicines may have complicated schedules with several medicines needing

Some of us may only be taking common medications that must be taken at the same time each day such as contraception, others may be operating to more complicated schedules with various medicines needing to be taken at regular intervals throughout the day, that’s where a medication reminder app can support you

What are the best features to have

Take full control of your asthma with Asthma Control App

A visual dashboard presents your patient’s key results. We can get a glimpse of the patient’s actual condition at any time by seeing the progress and trends for various factors like lung tests or inhaler technique rating, in real time.

And because the Asthma Control app connects your Inhalers & lung monitors with your smartphone seamlessly, you know you’re getting not only medical-grade results but peace of mind. Isn’t that all the smarter?

Never miss a dose

Schedule medicine intake on the app and get reminded every single time

The one time you want to keep your family connected

Asthma control app will help you to your family connected with you

Friends connect

By connecting with your friends they will also get notified of the medication you have taken or missed or skipped by receiving a push notification

Notifications and Reminders

It is important for patients to have certain reminders and notifications to get their medication on time. However, the time and frequency of notifications should be adjustable

Inhaler technique

The asthma control app is designed to reach inside your lungs and if your medication is actually only hitting the back of your throat or, worse still, staying on your tongue, you’re not giving it enough of a chance of doing its thing

Peak flow meters and spirometers support

By enabling Bluetooth, patients can record and share their health data measurements at anytime and anywhere. This will help the patients to regularly record

Facilitating the ability for patients to regularly record and upload data sets about their lung function can keep doctors more informed about a patient’s condition than periodical in-person assessments

With the portability of the Asthma control app, peak flow meters, and spirometers, patients can share key lung function data with their doctors from anywhere

Tech stack

Mobile Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android

API Server

  • NodeJS

Push Notification

  • Firebase


  • BLE Integration


  • MongoDB​

Programing Language

  • Java
  • Swift
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